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Bundesland: Freistaat Sachsen Saxony
Landkreis: Erzgebirgskreis  


Oelsnitz / Erzgeb.

cs: Olešnice (Krušné hory)
mk, sr: Елсниц (Ерцгебирге) ru: Эльсниц (Рудные горы)

3167 Oelsnitz /  1626 Oelsnitz /  Oelsnitz / Erzgeb. is situated at an elevation of 144 m about halfway between Chemitz and Zwickau. The name Oelsnitz im Erzgebirge was first used by the post offices in 1883 in order to distinguish the place from the homonymous town in the Vogtland region of southwest Saxony, Oelsnitz (Vogtl). Geographically, this was not quite correct as Oelsnitz is not located in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) but in the Erzgebirgebecken (Ore Mountain Basin).

The first mention of Oelsnitz is found in a document of 1219. The origin of the name seems to be the Sorbic (Slavic) word olesnica which means "a place at the aldertree stream". At least since 1286 it had a church. For several centuries the village was divided into several domains but in 1562 it came in possession of the counts (1790 princes) of Schönburg. The sovereignty over the domains was reorganized in 1740. Textile industrie became important around 1800. Until the early 19th century Oelsnitz was divided into three separate communities existed, which were merged to an single community in 1839. Since 1844 coal mining was an important economical factor for the town. However, all mining activities were discontinued in 1971. In 1924 Oelsnitz obtained the status of a town.

The picture on glass no. 3167 [left] shows a building labeled 'Rathaus' (Town Hall).

The picture on glass no. 1626 [right] shows a building labeled 'Kaiserliches Postamt' (Imperial Post Office).


Note that there is another town by the name Oelsnitz: Oelsnitz (Vogtl).
See also Oleśnica (Poland), formerly named in german Oels.