Bundesland: Tirol Tyrol
Bezirk: Reutte  



lt: Reutas
el: Ρόιτε
bg: Ройте ru, uk: Ройтте mk, sr: Ројте

2751 Reutte Reutte is situated at an elevation of 853 m on the river Lech, in a basin which is oriented towards the north, the Allgäu in Germany. Separated from the rest of Tyrol by the Fern Pass (1,210 m) in the south, the area is known by the name "Außerfern". Reutte is the seat of the administration of the district of the same name; the municipality has a population of about 6,000 (2012).

Reutte is located at the Via Claudia Augusta, a Roman road, leading from Italy to Germany. The Tyrolian Salt Road was leading from Hall in Tirol to the Lake Constance, crossing the entire district of Außerfern. Towards the end of the 13h century it came in possession of the counts of Tyrol. However, the economical ties to the Algäu region persisted and for along time, the Außerfern ecclesiastically remained part of the diocese of Augsburg. Reutte was declared as a market town by Archduke Sigismund of Austria in 1489, which was confirmed later by Emperor Maximilian I who also added some further privileges. The Außerfern was separated from the diocese of Augsburg in 1815 and was incorporated into the diocese of Brixen in 1818. In 1925 it became part of the Apostolic Administration Innsbruck–Feldkirch, and finally in 1964 of the diocese of Innsbruck. The railway line "Außerfernbahn", leading from Kempten to Pfronten-Ried (with a local line to Reutte was opened in 1905. The remaining part of the Außerfernbahn from Reutte to Garmisch-Partenkirchen was then completed in 1913, which ensured railroad connections to both Munich and Innsbruck. During the Nazi period, when Austria had been incorporated into Germany, an outpost of the Dachau concentration camp, named "Plansee Breitensee" was located here. In April 1945, American troops of the 44th Infantry Division reached Reutte and liberated the town experiencing hardly any resistance. Today, Reutte is a popular holiday resort.

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