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Rokytnice nad Jizerou

de: Rochlitz an der Iser
ru: Рокитнице-над-Йизероу sr: Рокитњице на Јизери

4009 Rokytnice nad Jizerou Rokytnice nad Jizerou (German: Rochlitz an der Iser) is situated at an elevation of 520 m in the valley of the Huťský potok (Hüttenbach), a tributary of the Jizera (Iser) river, in the Semily district, about 5 km south of Harrachov (Harrachsdorf). The municipality has a population of about 2,700 (2017).

The village was probably founded around 1540 as a settlement of glassmakers and miners. Glassmaking has remained an important economic factor for Rokytnice ever since its foundation. In 1682 about 200 Protestant inhabitants fled to Saxony on the other side of the Krkonoše (Riesengebirge) mountains. By Imperial order, about 120 of them were brought back to Rokytnice. Since the foundation of the first textile factory in 1839, clothmaking is another branch of the town's industry. In 1899, the local railwayline from Rokytnice to Jilemnice (Starkenbach) was openened. Having been part of the Austrian empire until the latter's dissolution in 1918 it then became part of Czechoslovakia. Between 1938 and 1945 it was annexed to Germany as part of the 'Sudetenland'. After the restoration of Czechoslovakia in 1945, the German population of Rochlitz/Rokytnice was expelled.

The tower depicted in the centre of the picture on glass no. 4009 [left] is part of the town hall, built in Secessionist style in 1902–1903.

The church of St. Michael [background right] was built in Baroque style in 1753–1758 and replaced an older church of 1598.

3324 Rokytnice nad Jizerou The picture on glass no. 3324 [left] shows views of Wilhelmsthal (Vilémov), a settlement which is part of Rokytnice. The inset picture on the top right is labeled Gasthaus zum Wilhelmsthal ('Vilémov Inn').


Another glass in this collection shows Rokytnice v Orlických horách.
Another glass in this collection shows Rochlitz in Saxony, Germany.

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