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Vidago is a village and a former civil parish in the municipality of Chaves, in the Portuguese district of Vila Real. Until 2013, when it was merged into the new municipality of Vidago (União das Freguesias de Vidago, Arcossó, Selhariz e Vilarinho das Paranheiras), Vidago had a population of about 1,200.

4421 Vidago 4421 Vidago The place was probably already inhabited by Celtiberians and was probably already known to the Romans as a healing spring. Today's place arose before its first mention as an insignificant village in the 12th century. In 1863 its mineral springe were rediscovered. For a long time, distance was an impediment to the development of the town, due to the difficulty of transport. Guests would arrive by coach from Porto. Finally in 1907, the railroad between Régua and Vila Real was extended to Pedras Salgadas, 12 km to the south of Vidago. Three years later the first train arrived at the Vidago station, resulting in renewed popularity of the spa. The spa town saw its period of splendor from 1875 to 1877 when King Luís I made consecutive visits. The fame of the curative powers of the waters spread so far that from 1876 to 1889 they were awarded prizes in Madrid, Paris, Vienna and Rio de Janeiro. For this, Vidago was once one of the most visited Portuguese spas. The water is used for the treatment of digestive problems, as it contains sodium bicarbonate and, according to publicity leaflets, radioactive elements. On September 29, 2013, the municipalities of Vidago, Arcossó, Selhariz and Vilarinho das Paranheiras were merged into the new municipality of Vidago (União das Freguesias de Vidago, Arcossó, Selhariz e Vilarinho das Paranheiras). Vidago is the seat of this newly formed municipality.

The Palace Hotel [left, no. 4421], designed by the architect José Ferreira da Costa, was constructed in 1910, and was considered the most luxurious in the Iberian Peninsula at the time. It was remodelled in 1995 and again in 2007–2008. It was reopened in 2010, coinciding with the centenary of the original hotel.
The glass is labeled in front Vidago Palace Hotel / Portugal and in back Empresa das Aguas de Vidago / Vidago

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