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Târgu Mureș

alt: Tîrgu Mureș
hu: Marosvásárhely de: Neumarkt am Mieresch lv: Tirgu Mureša lt: Tirgu Murešas
el: Τίργκου Μούρες
uk: Тиргу-Муреш mk, sr: Тргу Муреш bg: Търгу Муреш ru: Тыргу-Муреш be: Тыргу-Мурэш

591 Târgu Mureș The earliest archeological traces of human settlements in the area of Târgu Mureș date from the Bronze Age and the Hallstatt Culture. The first mention of the place is found in documents of 1300–1332 under the name Forum Siculorum or Novum Forum Siculorum, i.e. (new) market of the Szeklers. During the 14th and 15th century special rights and privileges were granted to the city by the vojvods and kings. Guilds were first mentioned in 1487 and the first guild privilege dates back to 1493. At he end of the 16th century there were more than 10 well-organized guilds. In 1616, the town obtained the status of a Free Royal Town under the name Marosvasarhely. The citadel of Târgu Mureș was built at about the same time to protect the city against invasions of the Turks and Tatars.

The see glass Catholic church (Biserica Catolică) (on the glass labeled in Hungarian: róm. kath. templom) was built between 1728 and 1764 by the Jesuits and is the most important Baroque building of Târgu Mureș.

The statue of Lajos Kossuth [right] (Kossuth-szobor) was inaugurated in 1893. The staue was demolished after World War I after Transilvania had become part of Romania. The monument was re-erected in 2001 in the little Székely village of Ciumani (hun: Gyergyócsomafalva) in Harghita County, eastern Transilvania.

The Musical fountain [left] (hun: Zenélő-kút) was created in 1820–1822. The fountain was demolished in 1911. A faithful copy of it was erected in 1935/36 in Margaret Island (Margit sziget) in Budapest.

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