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Brandýs nad Orlicí

de: Brandeis an der Adler lv: Brandīsa pie Orlices lv: Brandysas prie Orlicės
sr: Брандис на Орлици bg: Брандис над Орлици ru: Брандис-над-Орлици

2661 Brandýs nad Orlicí 2662 Brandýs nad Orlicí Brandýs nad Orlicí is situated at an elevation of 305 m at the river Tichá Orlice (Stille Adler), about 11 km northwest of the district town Ústí nad Orlicí. The town once was a major seat of the Bohemian (or Moravian) Brethren. Between 1622 and 1625 the theologian and educator Johann Amos Comenius (Jan Amos Komenský) (1592–1670) worked here on his book The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart (Labirynt swěta a lusthauz srdce, dedication 1623, published 1631 and 1663).

2451 Brandýs nad Orlicí
The parish church of the Ascension of Jesus (kostel Nanebevstoupení Pána Ježíše) [near left, no. 2452: background right; and right, no:156: centre left] was built 1778–1787 in Baroque style.

156 Brandýs nad Orlicí
The castle [near left, no. 156: background right] on the hill overlooking the town dates back to the 13th century. It was renovated in 1547 but was abandoned in the 17th century. Today only ruins remain.

3995 Brandýs nad Orlicí
Glass no. 3995 [near left] shows a view of the monument to Jan Amos Comenius. The monument in the shape of an obelisk commemorates the stay of Jan Ámos Komenský in 1622–1625. The monument was unveiled in 1865. Below the monument, a garden forming a natural labyrinth was created in 2009, alluding to Comenius's famous book, the Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart (Labirynt swěta a lusthauz srdce, dedication 1623, published 1631 and 1663).

4140 Brandýs nad Orlicí
Villa Ludmila [near left, no. 4140] was built in 1890–1892. In 1925–1926 the building was adapted for the use by the Sokol gymnastics movement, which also played an important part in the development of Czech nationalism. In 1930 the building was converted into a theatre. The building was closed in 1990 and renovated in 1995.

4529 Brandýs nad Orlicí
The Medical Institution (Léčebný ústav) [near left, no. 0000] opened in May 1898. The building was designed by the architects Josef Wieser and Jan Horský. The town subsequently became a popular spa town as it was conveniently connected by rail to Prague, Vienna, Olomouc and other cities. Initially, the spa had 40 rooms for 60 patients. Gradually the building expanded. At the end of the 1920s, Nemocenská pojišťovna Č SD bought the hospital and started renovating the building. The facilities were ceremoniously reopened in March 1930. After World War II, the institution was renamed Tomas's Hospital (Tomasův léčebný ústav) in honor of the ČSD trade union leader Alois Tomas, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp for his participation in the resistance and executed in 1943. In 1949, the institute was taken over by the Central National Insurance Company. In the mid-1950s the interior of the building was significantly modified and it became the "Specialized Children's Treatment Center for Orthopedic Disorders" (Odbornou dětskou léčebnou ortopedických vad; ODLOV), which opened in 1958. In 1990 and 1991, minor necessary internal modifications were made to the building, which was to start serving adult patients from January 1992, when the hospital was named the Brandýs nad Orlicí Rehabilitation Institute (Rehabilitační ústav Brandýs nad Orlicí).

2796 Brandýs nad Orlicí

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