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Okres: Chrudim  


Hrochův Týnec

de: Hrochowteinitz lt: Hrohūv Tynecas lv: Hrohūvtīneca
ru: Грохув-Тинец sr: Хрохув Тинец

4408 Hrochův Týnec Hrochův Týnec is situated at an elevation of 241 m on the Ležák stream shortly before its confluence with the river Novohradka, about 9&nbsl;km east of the district town Chrudim and about 13 km southeast of the regional capital Pardubice. The municipality has a population of about 2,100 (2021).

Little is known about the beginnings of the settlement. The earliest known document that mentions Tinec, dates from 1194; however, because this place name is so frequent, it is not sure whether this document really refered to this place. It is assumed that in the second half of the 13th century a village was founded near the stronghold that protected the ford across the stream on the Medieval trading route from Chrudim to Vysoké Mýto and Litomyšl. The name de Tynch and de Tynz for owners of the stronghold is mentioned between 1265 and 1271. The earliest trustworthy mention of the village Tynez is from 1293. Since 1448, the domains were owned for a century by the Hroch of Týnec (Hroch of Mezilesice) family and since then, the place is named Hrochův Týnec (in German: Hrochowteinitz). In 1554 the village was granted the status of a market town. A privilege for holdig four annual markets was granted in 1694, further privileges followed in 1698 and 1765. After the end of patrimonialism in 1848, Bezděkov was merged Hrochův Týnec into the new municipality, which in 1853 obtained the official status of a town. The railroad from Heřmanův Městec to Borohradek with branch line from Hrochův Týnec to Chrast opened in 1899. The status as a town was revoked in 1921 and was regranted only in 2011.


Besides Hrochův Týnec fourteen other places in Bohemia and two in Moravia are named Týnec; in this collection: Týnec nad Labem. Related place names are Týn (six in Bohemia, two in Moravia); in this collection: Týn nad Vltavou.


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