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Garden of the Gods


1306 Garden of the Gods: Gateway The valley below Pikes Peak received its name  Garden of the Gods by Rufus Cable and Melanchton Beach, two surveyors from Colorado City, on August 13, 1859. In 1879, Charles Elliott Perkins, head of the Burlington Railroad, bought land here, intending to eventually build a summer home. However, he never built the house. Instead, he directed that the area be kept open and free to visiting people. After his death in 1909, his children gave the land to the city of Colorado Springs for use as a public park. Among the restricions was that the property be forever known as Garden of the Gods and always be kept free to the public. Today, it covers an area of 1,340 acres (542 hectares).

The pictures on tumbler no.B029 [far left] and on glass no. 1306 [left] show  Gateway Rocks which form a natural entrance to Garden of the Gods. The rocks tower several hundred feet above the valley floor and are composed of fine grains of red sandstone. Their color turns a deeper red immediately after a rainstorm

2897 Garden of the Gods (& Pikes Peak) 913 Denver / Georgetown Loop / Balanced Rock The small pictures on glasses no. 913 [right] and no. 2897 [near left] show Balanced Rock [top right insets], one of the most photographed rock formations of the park.

The top left inset on the picture of glass no. 2897 [left] shows a view of Pikes Peak. The other pictures on glass no. 913 [right] show Denver [bottom picture] and Georgetown Loop Railway [top left inset].

B031 Garden of the Gods / Denver / Mount of the Holy Cross B031 Garden of the Gods / Denver / Mount of the Holy Cross


One of the pictures on tumbler no. B031 [left] shows Cathedral Spires, another famous rock formation in Garden of the Gods.

The other two pictures on tumbler no. B031 show the State Capitol in Denver and Mount of the Holy Cross.

B031 Garden of the Gods / Denver / Mount of the Holy Cross B031 Garden of the Gods / Denver / Mount of the Holy Cross

B029 Colorado Springs  

Tumbler no. B029 [left and below] is a souvenir from Colorado Springs and shows a view of Garden of the Gods on one of its three landscape pictures. The other two pictures of this tumbler show views of two other natural sights in the vicinity: Seven Falls and Pikes Peak.

B029 Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods B029 Colorado Springs: Seven Falls B029 Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak  

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