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Tatranská Lomnica

pl: Łomnica Tatrzańska hu: Tátralomnic de: Tatralomnitz
ru: Татранска Ломница

3694 Tatranská Lomnica Tatranská Lomnica is situated at an elevation of 820 m in the High Tatra mountains of eastern Slovakia at the foot of Slovakia's second-highest mountain, Lomnický štít (2,632 m). Tatranská Lomnica is one of the largest towns of the area. The municipality was founded in 1892. It is especially popular as a winter resort and also is the seat of the administration of the Tatra National Park.

997 Tatranská Lomnica
The former Palace Hotel [far left, no. 3694, and near left, no. 997: background] was built in 1905 in Secessionist style and today operates under the name Grandhotel Praha.

4227 Tatranská Lomnica
Hotel Lomnica [near left, no. 4227] was built in 1893–1894 by the architect Gedeon Majunke to be the first hotel in the Tatras.
After World War I, the property was aquired by the Czechoslovak state, but subsequently was abandoned. In the 1930s, after the construction of a cable car to the peak of Lomnický štít, Lomnica became a popular hotspot of social life again. In the 1990s, after a privatisation, the hotel sadly once again closed. However, the building was renovated in 2015–2016 by a new investor and again serves as a hotel.

Fifteen communities were joined in 1947 to form the new municipality of Vysoké Tatry (High Tatra). With about 5,500 inhabitants and an area of 398 m2 it is one of the largest municipalities of Slovakia. The administrative center is Starý Smokovec. The 15 formerly independent communities were (from west to east, names given in Slovak, Hungarian, German and Polish):
  • Podbanské (Podbanszkó / Pod Bansko, Untergruben / Podbańsko);
  • Štrbské Pleso (Csorba-tó / Csorber See, Tschirmersee / Szczyrbskie Jezioro) (in 2007 re-allocated to the municipality of Štrba);
  • Vyšné Hágy (Felsőhági / Hochhag, Hochhagi / Wyżnie Hagi);
  • Nová Polianka (Újszéplak / Neuwesterheim / Nowa Polanka);
  • Tatranská Polianka (Weszterovo / Tátraszéplak, Weszterlak / Tatrawesterheim, Westerheim / Tatrzańska Polanka, Westerów);
  • Tatranské Zruby (Tátraotthon / Tatraheim / Tatrzańskie Zręby);
  • Nový Smokovec (Újtátrafüred / Neuschmecks / Nowy Smokowiec);
  • Starý Smokovec (Tátrafüred, Ótátrafüred / Altschmecks / Stary Smokowiec);
  • Horný Smokovec (Felsőtátrafüred / Oberschmecks / Górny Smokowiec);
  • Dolný Smokovec (Alsótátrafüred / Unterschmecks / Dolny Smokowiec);
  • Tatranská Lesná (Tátraerdőfalva / Tatrawalddorf / Tatrzańska Leśna);
  • Tatranská Lomnica (Tátralomnic / Tatralomnitz / Łomnica Tatrzańska);
  • Tatranské Matliare (Matlárháza / Matlarenau / Matlary);
  • Kežmarské Žľaby (Késmárki Itató / Käsmarker Tränke / Kieżmarskie Złoby);
  • Tatranská Kotlina (Tátra-Barlangliget / Tatrahöhlenhain / Tatrzańskie Kotliny).


Another glass in his collection is a souvenir from Lomnice nad Popelkou, Czech Republic.


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