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Okres: Jindřichův Hradec  


Jindřichův Hradec

lt: Jindržichūv Hradecas de: Neuhaus
bg: Ииндржихув Градец ru: Йиндржихув-Градец uk: Йіндржіхув Градец be: Йіндржыхуў-Градзец mk, sr: Јиндрихув Храдец

394 Jindřichův Hradec Jindřichův Hradec is situated at an elevation of 478 m on the river Nežárka in South Bohemia. The settlement goes back to a castle that was built around 1200 by Jindřich of the Vítkovec family on a cliff at the Nežárka river and the Hamerský stream. Jindřich was first mentioned in records of 1220 with the nickname "de nova domu" or "de nova castro", which became the origin of the town's German name, Neuhaus. In 1495, the first (hand-written) newspaper in the Czech language was published here. By the second half of the 16th century, Jindřichův Hradec had become the second city in Bohemia after Prague, and until the 18th century it ranked among the largest cities of Bohemia. Today, Jindřichův Hradec has a population of about 23,000 inhabitants. The historic centre preserved many monuments and houses of the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods.

3265 Jindřichův Hradec The impressive Baroque Plague Column [far left, no. 394; near left, no. 3265; and below, no. 2607: bottom centre] on the superb Renaissance main square was erected in 1764.

2607 Jindřichův Hradec 4065 Jindřichův Hradec Jindřichův Hradec castle [near left, no. 2607: top picture; and right, no. 4065] originated in the 10th century. The castle was first mentioned as Novum Castrum ('new castle') in 1220. The oldest preserved parts of the castle, the keep, the medieval hall and the chapel of the Holy Spirit were built before 1259 in Romanesque and Gothic style. A cycle of frescos on the life of St. George, labeled in German, was created in 1388. The castle was remodeled and enlarged in Renaissance style in the 16th century. A large fire devastated large parts of the castle in 1773. Since 1693 the castle was in possession of the counts Czernin of Chudenitz. The family was expropriated in 1945. Since then, the castle including its domains and archives is owned by the Czech state. Extensive renovation works were carried out between 1976 and 1993.

Other places named Neuhaus (or Neuhäusel):
Bad Neuhaus, part of Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, Germany; Dobrna, Slovenia (in German formerly called Doberna or Bad Neuhaus bei Cilli); Neuhaus a. Inn, Germany; Nové Zámky, Slovakia (in German formerly called Neuhäusel).

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