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województwo: Wielkopolskie voivodship: Greater Poland (Posnania)
powiat poznański county: Poznań



de: Weißenburg, Warthelager

3648 Biedrusko 3648 Biedrusko 3648 Biedrusko Biedrusko is situatated at an elevation of 44 m about 15 km north of the regional capital Poznań. In 2006 the village had a population of 2,200. It is part of the administrative district of Gmina Suchy Las.

Besdrofsko was first recorded in the late 14th century. In 1900, the barons von Treskow sold several of their local domains to the Prussian state which needed the area to created a large military training area. As the area was located next to the river Warta (in German: Warthe), the training grounds, opened in 1904, were named Truppenübungsplatz Warthelager (sometimes also referred to as Truppenübungsplatz Posen). Several of the former villages and domains were renamed to receive German names that were taken from battlegrounds of the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870/1871: Knischin was renamed Skalitz (Česká Skalice, Czech Republic), (Wœrth, France), Trzuskotowo became Wörth, Tworkowo was named Nachod (Náchod, Czech Republic) and Biedrusko was renamed Weißenburg (Wissembourg, France). After World War I the reintegrated into the newly established Polish state. The training area the was used by the Polish Army. During the German occupation between 1939 and 1945 it was used again by the German Wehrmacht. After World War II the Polish army used it again (named Poligon Biedrusko) until 1994. During the latter period the training area was enlarged by the inclusion of the villages Glinienko (German: Weidenthal), Glinno (Lehmberg) and Lagiewnik (Erdmannswalde). After 1994 large parts of the former training areas were designated as Nature Reserve Biedrusko. The reserve was included in the European Union Natura 2000 nature protection areas.

The chateau [left, no. 3648: top right picture] of the barons von Treskow (Schloss Treskow, Schloss Biedrusko, Schloss Weißenburg) was built in 1877–1880. The chateau has been renovated after the war. Depicted in the foreground left: the Musiktempel (music pavillon).

The other pictures on glass no. 3648 show views from the military training facilities:
top left: Infanteriestraße (Infantry Street);
bottom left: Kaiserplatz and Wasserturm (Emperor Square and water tower);
bottom right: Lager (the barracks).


Glasses of this collection showing former training areas of the German Empire:
Altengrabow (D),
Arys (Orszysz, PL),
Hagenau (Haguenau, F),
Hammelburg (D),
Hammerstein (Czarne, PL),
Heuberg (Stetten am kalten Markt, D),
Lockstedter Lager (Hohenlockstedt, D),
Münsingen (D),
Munsterlager (Munster, D),
Sennelager (Paderborn, D).
Thorn (Toruń, PL).
Warthelager (Biedrusko, PL).

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